Praxis Software Services


Application Development

We specialize in the design, implementation and deployment of databased backed applications and web sites. Our solutions are designed, from the start, to be secure, robust, and scalable. They will work well for you now and in the future. When your needs change, we can modify the software accordingly. With deep and broad technical expertise, Praxis Software can provide you with just the right software solution.

Database Design/Data Modeling

Correct design of any database application requires a data modeling process which results in a database design that completely and accurately represents application data objects. Praxis Software can perform this highly critical analysis as part of the application design or a separate project.

Database Administration

If your application requires a multi-user database system, Praxis Software can help you select, install, configure and maintain an appropriate system based on your needs.

Network and Data Security

Praxis Software can design new and existing networks to secure your systems. We expertise installing and configuring firewalls, routers, VPNs and other security software. Don't wait for network vandals to strike before calling us! Your business may depend on it.

Systems Administration and Network Security

Praxis Software can select, install, configure and maintain server Operating Systems (OS) as well as server application software for web, email, DNS, ssh and other services.